These products go through a strict quality check as per the criterion set by the European Council (CE). And as a part of a unique practice, FS-ORTHO  department checks each product individually in terms of dimension, accuracy and application. This practice makes sure each and every FS-ORTHO product is of perfect and precise quality. Every product is ultrasonically cleaned before packing / dispatch to remove allergenic. And finally, implant is marked with laser marking for quality assurance and traceability.



In Production department we use latest technology and for maintaining this equipment we also have expert and knowledgeable person for it. For our production we are using German machinery for accuracy, maintaining quality and in less time give more outcomes.


We are use standard raw material which is approved by laboratory. We are using in implant Stainless Steel 316L material and Titanium GRADE 5 TI6AL4V. After product research successful, we use this raw material in production. So our product gets good quality.


In Packaging department we use standard packing system. First of all we pack our goods in LD plastic bag, And We also use Sterile and non sterile bag for Titanium product as per our client requirement.


After packing goods in plastic bag we are put Label on it. This label is very useful for reference.

In our Label following things are there :-

 1. Mfg. Date

2. Product Name

3. Product code

4. Product Size 

5. Product Lot No.

7. Non - Sterile symbol

8. Material

9. Category

10. Barcode

11. Mfg. Company

12. Company Name & Address




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